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How to download files from our website?

1. Choose a mirror that you wish to download 

2. When you enter a mirror, there will be a list of our sponsors offers, pick one

3. Carefully follow the steps that are given on an offer website

4. Mostly what you will need to do is filling some information like e-mail, downloading and installing a file or rewriting PIN from your cell phone. Mostly an easy task.

5. After completing offer (no more steps available) wait for it to approve.

6. After approval, download the file to your disk.

WARNING: Use ONLY real data, filling in fake information like e-mail, name, address etc. will result in ban from our website. Use REAL e-mail to have it possible to confirm your e-mail address and complete offers. Remember to Delete Cookies if you have problems with approval of any offer, or use another Web Browser (Google Chrome or Firefox recommended!). If you have any questions regarding download process then feel free to ask us in the contact tab, our support has 99% uptime so we will be able to respond to you quickly enough. Have fun!

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