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How to Complete a Survey?

First of all, maybe you’re wondering:
“Why do we need to complete a survey to download a file?”
Answer: It’s because the file that you want to download is premium. If you don’t want to finish the survey, you can’t have the file.

So here are the steps on how to finish a survey:

1. Make sure that you disable any adblock, this is because it will block surveys and you can’t download the file without finishing a survey.
2. Click the download button.
3. Choose any offer you want.
4. Fill in VALID information.
5. If the survey ask for your Mobile number, put it there so you’ll receive the PIN and finish the offer.
6. After the survey is finished, you will be redirected to a file uploading website. There you can download the file already.

Feel free to click other surveys if one survey doesn’t work for you.
Some of the surveys requires you to give your phone number. These surveys will cost you some bucks, usually it will cost a dollar or two. But think, if you’ll pay for the apps, it will cost you more money. So instead of buying it, finish a survey and download it here.

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