Parallels Desktop 10 Key Generator [Update 05/2016]

Parallels Desktop 10 KeyParallels Desktop 10 Key Generator.

Are you looking for Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac Key Generator? You can not find your activation key to your program anywhere? You need to use the full version, just when the trial version has ended? Do not worry. Our Generator "produces" appropriate activation key, which will make it possible for you to use full version of the program. This key gives possibility of using the full version for life-time and is only for educational use. If you like the program, you should buy it, support the developers!

Parallels Desktop 10 Key


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Parallels Desktop 10 Key Generator

[Update 05/2016]

Parallels Desktop 10 Key

Parallels Desktop 10

Parallels Desktop 10 Key

Parallels Desktop 10 Key

Instalation :

  • Install Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac
  • Extract Parallels Desktop 10 Keygen for PC
  • Run Parallels Desktop 10 Keygen 
  • Rewrite the activation key for MAC
  • Enjoy using Parallels Desktop 10

A big part of Parallels Desktop 10 story is that the company is introducing very robust support for not only Apple’s upcoming Mac OS X Yosemite, but also Windows 8 and 8.1. In the past, Parallels has done a great job of intertwining the two popular desktop operating systems and making it ridiculously simple to use both simultaneously, but with Yosemite and Windows 8, the software has even tighter integration. For example, you can do things like right-click a link in Windows and choose to share it using social media accounts that are already configured in Yosemite. But that’s just the beginning.

There are even more useful Yosemite-based features that are coming to Windows via this latest version of Parallels. As you may know, Continuity is one of the bigger concepts that Apple introduced at WWDC earlier this year, giving users seamless integration between their Mac and other devices like a connected iPhone, for example. Using continuity to dial a phone number found online via your iPhone is built-in to Yosemite, but with Parallels 10 you can now do so with a couple clicks in Windows as well. Additionally, Parallels now supports iCloud Drive and iPhoto Library within Windows—so it only takes a drag and drop to save your Office documents.

You can also quickly “Save As..” in the latest versions of Microsoft Office to various cloud services that have already been configured on the Mac side. Namely, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, and Dropbox can all be quickly added to the list of save destinations, which would come in handy if text editing and productivity are your main reasons for using Parallels.

Another interesting feature that the team has implemented is a Yosemite Notification Center widget that displays your currently running virtual machines and displays the resources they’re taking up. I’ve actually found myself using Notification Center quite a bit in Yosemite now that I can do things like publish to social media via widgets, and this is a helpful addition and gives me an idea of how much stress my second machine is putting on my system.

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